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PC Water Cooling Component Overviews

Our PC Water Cooling Component Overviews cover all the basic components needed to build your own custom water cooling system for your PC. 

Flow rate, head pressure, restriction, compression, static pressure, FPI, CFM - we know all the terminology and acronyms can be overwhelming to the new water cooler, so all these and more are explained in depth with each component. We go over all the different aspects of each part of your new water cooling loop to help you choose the right parts for your PC. Pumps, water blocks, radiators, tubing, fittings, coolant - it's all explained in easy-to-understand terms so you can stop wondering and start building your water cooling system.

  1. PC Water Cooling Components - AIOs

    Is an the AIO all in one liquid cooler the best option for your PC

    A close examination of today's all-in-one CPU and GPU coolers for your PC.  Air cooling, custom water cooling or all-in-one cooling?

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  2. PC Water Cooling Components - Coolant

    Coolant for custom liquid-cooled PCs
    Looking at the different options available for coolant to use in your custom liquid-cooled PC. Find out what cools best!
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  3. Water Cooling Components - Specialty Fittings

    Specialty fittings for PC water cooling - kinds and uses.

    A visual guide to specialty fittings used for custom PC water cooling.

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  4. Water Cooling Components - Adapter Fittings

    Water cooling adapter fittings - how they work and what they do for your custom PC water cooling system.
    Examining the different kinds of adapter fittings available for custom PC water cooling. Angles, extenders, multi-port and offset adapters are shown and explained in detail.
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  5. PC Water Cooling Components - Compression Fittings

    PC compression fittings for both soft tube and rigid tubing
    A closer look at compression fittings used in custom PC water cooling. Compression fittings for both flexible and rigid tubing are examined - how they work and what options you have as a PC builder.
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  6. Water Cooling Components - Tubing

    Tubing and it's different forms and materials in custom PC water cooling.
    Find out about different types of tubing used in custom PC water cooling. Flexible and rigid, different materials and sizes, even tools and accessories are covered in the guide to tubing for your custom water-cooled PC.
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  7. Water Cooling Components - Distribution Plates

    water cooling distribution plates overview
    A guide to choosing the best distribution plate for your custom water-cooled PC. We look at types, uses and the pros and cons of distro plates.
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  8. Water Cooling Components - Pump & Reservoir Combos

    How to select the best pump/res combo for your water-cooled PC.

    We show you how to choose the best pump/reservoir combo for your custom water-cooled PC.  Different types and form factors are covered as well as the pros and cons.

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  9. Water Cooling Components - Reservoirs

    How to choose your next custom PC water cooling reservoir.
    A guide to reservoirs for your custom water cooled PC. We discuss types or reservoirs, sizes, materials and accessories.
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  10. Water Cooling Components - Pumps

    PC water cooling pumps - How to choose
    Learn all about pumps for your custom PC water cooling loop. Understanding factors like size, flow rates, head pressure and power will help you choose the right pump.
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