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All-in-one water coolers, also known as AIO water coolers, are standalone self-contained water cooling systems that contain all of the major components of a water cooling loop in a compact form factor. AIO coolers give the PC builder low temperature and low noise benefits similar to that of a custom water cooling loop while being much more affordable and easier to install. Available for cooling your CPU or GPU, all AIO coolers contain a water block, pump, radiator, and tubing. Some also include a reservoir. Most are sealed for life, requiring only an exterior cleaning as maintenance. Some offer expandability with standard G1/4 fittings and ports. TITAN RIG offers all-in-one water coolers for both CPU and GPU, in sizes from 120mm to 420mm. If you want to enjoy the benefits of water cooling, but don’t want to build a custom water loop, all-in-one coolers are the answer.

All-in-One Water Coolers

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