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While there are different designs, thermal sensors for your custom PC serve the same purpose – to detect and report the temperature in a specific place. Some thermal sensors are air temp sensors on long leads, allowing you to place them where you need them to get an accurate temperature reading in that spot. These are helpful when planning or modifying air flow patterns in your PC, whether cooled by air or water. By finding the hot spots in your case, air flow dynamics can be altered to eliminate them. Other thermal sensors are specifically for water and are made with standard G1/4 thread. Some are designed to take the place of a plug in your system, while others will need to be attached inline with the tubing, allowing water to flow through them. Some of these even have built-in displays, eliminating the need for software or secondary monitors. Thermal sensors from TITAN RIG will show you what your temperatures are and where they are so you can get them under control.

Thermal Sensors

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