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A PC water cooling radiator is an important part of your custom water cooling system. They serve to dissipate heat from the coolant after it has been absorbed through the water blocks. Choosing the right radiator is critical to keeping the temperatures in your custom cooled PC under control. Without sufficient radiator capacity, the overall cooling potential of your water loop may not be up to the task of cooling your CPU, GPU or other heat-producing components in your PC. Things to think about in choosing the right radiator include fan size, thickness, number of ports available and the flow path material. TITAN RIG carries PC water cooling radiators in all sizes and shapes, from specialty 50mm fan-based radiators to the more popular 240 and 360 radiators, all the way to gigantic 1260 cooling powerhouses for the ultimate overclocked gaming PC. You’ll also find mounting solutions, gaskets and all the other accessories you could need.


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