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Manifolds are hardware blocks with several standard G1/4 threaded ports in them. They are used in a custom water cooling system to direct coolant flow to many places at once. Standard water loop construction normally directs coolant flow in series to each component in the system consecutively. Directing coolant flow to several heat loads simultaneously is called parallel routing or parallel cooling. One way to accomplish this is through the use of a manifold. With inlet and outlet ports at each end of the block and many ports on the side, a manifold block splits the coolant flow into as many outlets as needed, with any excess ports simply plugged. Using these blocks, coolant can be directed to and from up to six different locations simultaneously. With two large manifolds, up to twelve locations can be provided with coolant flow at the same time. In any system with this many cooling components, the use of a manifold block can provide a central coolant distribution point that greatly simplifies tube routing and speeds build time.


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