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PC Water Cooling Maintenance

Custom PC water cooling systems are amazing, both in function and form. They help our PCs last longer and work better, and they can be fun to build. One of the downsides to custom water cooling is maintenance.  

Periodic maintenance is unavoidable with custom water cooling, and some maintenance should be performed when your water cooling system is first assembled also.  

So what do you need to do do? How often do you do it? HOW do you do it? 

In our PC Water Cooling Maintenance series of posts, we go over all the maintenance needs of a typical PC water cooling setup. From flushing you loop to cleaning every part in it, our Maintenance Series will help keep your water cooling system working like new.

  1. How To Fill And Bleed Your Water Loop

    How To Fill And Bleed Your Water Loop

    Filling your custom liquid cooling loop and getting the air out of it - we look at methods and tools to make it easier.

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  2. How To Flush A PC Radiator

    How to clean a radiator in a water cooled PC
    Learn how to flush & clean your PC radiator. We will cover methods of cleaning PC radiators and the reasons to for cleaning them in a liquid cooled PC.
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  3. How to flush your PC water cooling loop

    Learn to drain, flush and refill you liquid cooled PC's coolant
    Learn how to flush and replace PC's coolant in your liquid cooled PC.
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  4. How to Clean Your Water Blocks

    how to clean your water blocks
    Learn how to clean you PC's water blocks and enter our giveaway for a chance to win a FREE CPU water block and GPU water block!
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