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Monthly Archives: July 2021

  1. Water Cooling Components - Tubing

    Tubing and it's different forms and materials in custom PC water cooling.
    Find out about different types of tubing used in custom PC water cooling. Flexible and rigid, different materials and sizes, even tools and accessories are covered in the guide to tubing for your custom water-cooled PC.
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  2. Water Cooling Components - Distribution Plates

    water cooling distribution plates overview
    A guide to choosing the best distribution plate for your custom water-cooled PC. We look at types, uses and the pros and cons of distro plates.
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  3. Water Cooling Components - Pump & Reservoir Combos

    How to select the best pump/res combo for your water-cooled PC.

    We show you how to choose the best pump/reservoir combo for your custom water-cooled PC.  Different types and form factors are covered as well as the pros and cons.

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  4. Featured Rig #3 - "Cherry Blossoms & Northern Lights" by Lawrence Xia

    TITAN RIG featured liquid cooled pc
    We take a closer look at a custom water cooled PC from Lawrence Xia. Water cooling, custom cable sleeving, RGB lighting, custom paint - this build has it all!
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