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Angled compression fittings for flexible tube consist of a short barb fitting and a compression ring. When the tubing is placed over the barb, the compression ring is slid over the outside of the tube and screwed onto the threads on the outside of the fitting. In effect, the compression ring takes the place of the clamp used on standard barbed fittings. The angled version of these fittings also serve to change the direction of the flow in the water loop. Most come as 90-degree fittings but some multi-piece fittings can achieve any angle. Angled compression fittings are more secure than barb fittings, and offer a distinctly different look. Since the compression ring on the fitting is designed to close over the outside of the tubing, both inside and outside dimensions are important to note for a proper fit. TITAN RIG stocks angled compression fittings in every common size and angle you could need, from several brands and in a wide range of colors to match your theme.

Angled Compression

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