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featured rigs

The most creative and beautiful custom water-cooled PCs.

  1. Featured Rig #8

    titan rig featured water cooled pc #8
    Featured Rig #8 from veteran PC modder snef
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  2. Featured Rig #7 - "Aggron" by Daniel De Oliveira of @sffbuild

    Featured Rig #7 - "Aggron" by Daniel De Oliveira of @sffbuild


    It’s time for the next Featured Rig from Titan Rig! We are please to showcase Featured Rig #7 by Daniel De Oliveira of @sffbuild on Instagram! Small form factor PC builds have been a popular trend these last few years, but Daniel's creation takes "SFF" to a whole new level. With a full size ATX motherboard, a 3 slot RTX 3080, and a massive 560 radiator, this is as extreme as "small" form factor gets!


    Builder: Daniel De Oliveira


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  3. Featured Rig #6 - "Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries"

    featured custom gaming pc #6

    We get a peek at veteran modder Brian Carter's latest build themed on the game Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries!

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  4. Featured Rig #5 - "Wood Ridge" by Jeroen ter Horst

    featured water cooled pc #5

    We take a look at a custom liquid-cooled PC built inside an AMD CPU review sample crate. Wood, steel and custom water cooling - what's not to like?

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