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Pump Tops, PC Water Cooling, Water Pump

Some PC water cooling pump tops allow a water pump to be connected to the rest of a water cooling loop by suppling the needed ports. Others can join multiple pumps into a single unit or improve it flexibility by increasing the number of ports available to it. PC water cooling pumps deliver amazing flow and pressure for their size, and are normally very reliable. While it’s possible to purchase a pump and pump top combination, many times PC water cooling pumps are sold without tops, to allow the builder more options. If your pump has a top already, it may not have ports located where you need them or may not have enough ports. You may want to add a second pump while keeping the new tubing and fittings to a minimum. These are all reasons to purchase a replacement pump top. TITAN RIG carries pump tops for D5 and DDC pumps from the top brands in the industry, made from a wide range of materials.

Pump Tops

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