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Custom PC cable sleeving can make your custom PC look far better than it does with the factory wiring, but even sleeved pc cables can get tangled or bend in unintended ways.  Cable combs can solve that problem. Made to hold sleeved wires in position, combs can be installed and left on, or used as a training aid in getting the wires to stay in position on their own. Open cable combs are the easiest to use, as they simply slide over the outside of the sleeving in groups.  They can then be slid along the length of the cables to help straighten them or to get them into the right position. Closed cable combs will require the removal of the connector from one end of the cable.  While this type of comb generally makes straightening cables easier as they are unable to slip out of the comb, they are normally left in place to avoid having to remove the connector after cable training. TITAN RIG carries both open and closed cable combs from several different brands in multiple colors, in both acrylic and aluminum. 

Cable Combs

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