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140mm Radiators, PC Cooling, 140 radiator, 280 radiator, 420 radiator, 560 radiator

140mm type radiators are PC water cooling radiators compatible with 140mm case fans. The size of a radiator is based on the total number of fans it supports on a single side. For example, a radiator that supports 2 140mm fans is referred to as a 280 radiator (2 x 140), and a radiator that supports 3 140mm fans is referred to as a 420 radiator (3 x 140). While 140mm based PC radiators may not fit in as many smaller spaces as their smaller 120mm counterparts, they do offer some advantages. Their greater cooling capacity means that the 140mm case fans mounted to them can be run at a lower speed to achieve the same cooling results, translating to a quieter PC.  While the selection of fans to use with 140mm PC radiators isn’t as wide as the 120mm type, there are still a great many excellent 140mm fans to choose from. In the end, the choice of PC radiator type for your custom loop will come down to cost, space available and cooling requirements.  If a 140mm based radiator is what you need or want in your water cooled PC, TITAN RIG has you covered.

140mm Fan Type

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