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While gaskets are typically used to contain fluids in specific places, installing a PC fan gasket can solve a couple of different problems people experience.  

Fans operate by spinning. When a fan isn’t perfectly balanced it can vibrate, and with standard rigid mounting methods like screws that vibration can carry throughout the entire PC case. Installing a fan gasket between these noisy fans and their mount serves to absorb that vibration, preventing transfer to the surrounding parts and the PC case and lowering overall noise level. 

Another problem that can be solved with fan gaskets is air leakage. If the frame of the fan doesn’t perfectly meet the surface of whatever it’s mounted to there will be gaps. The pressure induced by the fan will cause air to blow out of these gaps, lessening the amount of air that’s directed across the cooling surface it was intended for. A fan gasket closes all of these gaps, keeping all of the air moved by the fan moving only where it’s supposed to go. 

TITAN RIG carries fan gaskets for both 120mm fans and 140mm fans for your custom PC. 


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