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In PC water cooling, pump decouplers are used to isolate water pumps from the surface they are mounted on. This serves to prevent vibration from the pump from traveling through the mount to the mounting surface. Decoupling is a well-known means of noise prevention. It’s used in soundproofing and acoustic treatment in jobs as small as hard drives and as large as entire rooms. Vibration must have a medium to travel through. As a rule, the more rigid a material is, the more efficiently the vibrations can travel through it. Decoupling works by putting a less-rigid material like rubber or foam between the source of the vibration and the area meant to be kept vibration-free. This less-rigid material stops or minimizes the travel of the vibrations. TITAN RIG’s selection of pump decouplers will quiet your pump down today.

Decoupler (Anti-Vibe)

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