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Simple in their design, PC case fan shrouds serve to alleviate a complex air flow problem known as the “dead spot”. PC case fans move air efficiently and in most cases quietly. If you could see the column of air that came out of them you would likely picture a solid round column that widened as it left the fan, and you’d be correct for the most part. What many don’t know is that in the center of that column is what’s known as a dead spot. The mass of the central portion of the fan blocks air flow there, creating a pocket of relatively still air right in front of the fan. This can reduce the efficiency of a fan in a close-up cooling situation like air coolers and radiators. The dead spot means that less moving air comes in contact with the cooling surface it’s intended for. 

The solution to the hub’s dead spot is a shroud. The pocket of still air that forms the dead spot only extends a short distance from the fan. At that point the inside edges of the initial hollow tube of moving air join together to form the solid column preferred for maximum air flow. The shroud serves to move the fan away from the cooling surface far enough that the dead spot is eliminated by the time the air flow reaches it. Since the dead spot depth can vary from fan to fan, TITAN RIG carries fan shrouds in several different thicknesses and fan sizes. Eliminate the dead spot on your fans to enjoy maximum efficiency. 


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