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120mm Fan Type Radiators

120mm type radiators are PC water cooling radiators compatible with 120mm case fans. Of the different form factors available, PC cooling radiators made to work with 120mm case fans are the most common. The size of a radiator is based on the total number of fans it supports on a single side. For example, a radiator that supports 2 120mm fans is referred to as a 240 radiator (2 x 120), and a radiator that supports 3 120mm fans is referred to as a 360 radiator (3 x 120). PC radiators of this size offer a few advantages. Since the 120mm case fan is the most common size available in PC cooling, there are more fan options to choose from that will work with 120mm based radiators. 120mm based radiators are also more compact than those made for 140mm or larger fans, taking up less space and making installation easier for the ever-growing sector of small form factor enthusiasts. Requiring less material for manufacturing, PC radiators of this size are normally a less costly option as well. Available in a variety of thicknesses, lengths, flow directions, fin densities, TITAN RIG has whatever 120mm-type PC radiator your system could need.

120mm Fan Type

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