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Motherboard Water Blocks, PC Water Cooling

Motherboard water blocks come in a few varieties but all serve the same purpose – to cool one or more components on your PCs motherboard. The most popular form of motherboard block is referred to as a monoblock. Monoblocks serve the same function as CPU water blocks in cooling the CPU, but they also mount to and cool the motherboard’s voltage regulators, a task normally left to an onboard air-cooling heatsink. Some motherboard blocks are actually two separate blocks, one for CPU and one for VRMs, serving the same purpose as a monoblock. Still other water blocks in this category are made to cool a motherboard’s chipset: northbridge or southbridge chips. The benefits of motherboard water blocks include system stability and increased overclocking potential. Voltage regulator modules on a motherboard are often a thermal throttling point, limiting overclocking results when they reach critical temperature. While the efficiency and effectiveness of a motherboard water block is clear, care must be taken in choosing one. With the exception of universal chipset water blocks, each motherboard block is manufactured to fit a specific motherboard’s component layout and will not work on any other. TITAN RIG stocks a wide range motherboard monoblocks, waterblock sets and individual universal chipset water blocks. Check your motherboard model numbers and see what we have in stock for you.