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custom pc

  1. PC Modding - Electrical Mods

    PC Modding - Electrical Mods

    Custom PC modding is getting more and more popular - from water cooling to custom sleeving, people are making their PCs onw of a kind.  Today we're looking at ways to customize your PC with electrical add-ons and modifications.

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  2. PC Modding - Drilling

    Drilling - which tools to use and how to use them best in your next PC mod.
    We examine the proper tools for drilling holes in various materials, as well as the techniques to best use them. From simple twist drills to multi-sized unibits, find out how to do your drilling right!
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  3. PC Modding - Tools of the Trade

    PC Modding - Tools of the Trade
    A listing of the tools needed to start in the hobby of PC modding. Tools from basic to advanced are covered - what do you need?
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