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Reservoirs, Water Cooling, PC Cooling

PC water cooling reservoirs are the holding tanks for the coolant in your custom water cooled PC. They serve to feed coolant directly to your pump, ensuring that it will never run dry. When coolant is added to your PC water loop it is normally added directly to the reservoir as it is typically the best access point. In holding most of the coolant in your water loop, the reservoir will determine the maximum coolant capacity of your liquid cooling system. The coolant reservoir also aids in bleeding out air bubbles because it traps them as coolant returns to the reservoir. When shopping for a reservoir for your custom PC, things to look for will include size and shape, number of ports and lighting options. TITAN RIG has PC water cooling reservoirs in all shapes and sizes, as well as all the accessories you could need, including pump top reservoirs. We even stock modular reservoir components that will allow you to create the perfect custom reservoir to fit the style of your custom water cooled PC.


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