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Monthly Archives: October 2021

  1. PC Guides - Loop Planning

    PC Guides - Loop Planning
    How can proper loop planning impact your next water-cooled PC build? Planning in stages helps break the process down.
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  2. PC Guides - Positive Pressure: How and Why

    Positive Air Flow - How It Can Help Your PC Perform At Its Best
    We look at air flow in your custom PC and how net positive pressure can prevent dust buildup and make your PC's cooling system work at its best.
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  3. PC Modding - Drilling

    Drilling - which tools to use and how to use them best in your next PC mod.
    We examine the proper tools for drilling holes in various materials, as well as the techniques to best use them. From simple twist drills to multi-sized unibits, find out how to do your drilling right!
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  4. PC Modding - Working With Acrylic

    Methods of working with acrylic
    Acrylic is an amazing material, but how do you work with it? We show you how to cut, bend, drill, polish and etch acrylic for your PC mods!
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