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Fittings, PC Water Cooling, Rigid Tubing, Flexible Tubing

Fittings are the connectors that join tubing with other components in your water cooling system. They secure the tubing to components and often channel coolant in different directions via adapter fittings. Fittings come in a wide variety, allowing PC builders to assemble a water cooling loop in almost any way they want. Fittings range from tubing connection fittings like compression fittings and barbs to adapters like 90-degree angled adapters and male to female extension fittings. Drain valves, fill ports, and flow indicators are also forms of specialty fittings. A water cooling loop can contain almost as many or as few fittings as the builder wants. A simple flexible-tube loop with the right pump can be made with just six fittings. A complex water cooling system with multiple water blocks, radiators, reservoirs and accessories like flow meters and thermal sensors could need dozens of fittings or more. It is even possible to use fittings in place of tubing throughout a water cooled PC. TITAN RIG carries a massive selection of fittings from top brands so that you can put together the water cooling loop you need.


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