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Tube reservoirs are something of a standard in PC water cooling. They offer simplicity, space savings, easy mounting and a wide array of sizes to choose from. When you buy a simple tube reservoir though, the pump in your water cooled system has to be mounted separately, meaning more space is taken up and more tubing and fittings are needed, increasing the likelihood of leaks. Tube reservoirs with pump mounts are just what it sounds like – tube reservoirs designed to have a water cooling pump attached to them, forming a single unit. These tube reservoirs offer the simplicity and space savings of a tube reservoir pump combination while allowing the builder the freedom to use the pump of their choice. TITAN RIG’s selection of tube reservoirs with pump mounts are each made to mount to a specific type of pump – be sure the one you choose is compatible with the pump you plan to use with it.

Tube Reservoir with Pump Mount

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