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Specialty reducer and converter fittings are made to change one aspect of your custom water loop to something else. Much like adapters, they allow the use of fittings and other components in places not usable without them. Reducers are exactly what they sound like. Typically used in thread conversion, reducers will allow the use of standard G1/4 fittings in ports with larger threads, such as certain fill ports. Whereas adapters are typically used to change physical location or angle, converters are made to change a specific aspect of your system. Like reducers, converters are typically used in thread conversion. Unlike reducers, they can serve to both enlarge or reduce size, as well as change things like thread pitch while maintaining size. If you need to put something in your custom water loop in a place it’s not made to be, TITAN RIG’s selection of reducers and converters just may make it possible.

Reducers & Converters

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