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Water Blocks, CPU, GPU, Water Cooling

PC water cooling water blocks are the first point of contact between the heat from your PC and the coolant in your custom water loop. The water block is a heatsink which absorbs heat from a heat load like a CPU or GPU and transfers it to the coolant so it can be dissipated by the radiator. The water block is in direct contact with the heat load with a thermal interface layer in between them. Inside a water block is a series of fins, pins or microchannels that create more surface area for the coolant to come into contact with. The coolant absorbs the heat from the fins, pins or microchannels and moves it out of the water block. When you’re looking for a water block for your PC, considerations such as compatibility, flow path material and lighting are important decision makers. TITAN RIG carries water blocks and water block accessories for your CPU, GPU, motherboard, and more! If you want to water cool your PC, TITAN RIG has a huge selection of water blocks to choose from.

Water Blocks

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