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Fan hubs allow a custom PC builder to utilize multiple fans using a single fan header, or in some cases without a fan header at all. Today’s custom PCs require effective cooling, and regardless of whether you choose to cool with air or water that means fansMultiple fans are the norm in modern PCs, with PC case manufacturers often touting the number of fans capable of being mounted on their chassis as a feature. Often a PC will have more fans than the motherboard can support with its onboard fan headersIn fact, some smaller motherboards only come with one onboard fan headerIn cases like this, a fan hub can give you complete control over all your fans from a single source. At their core fan hubs are essentially splitters, feeding power to multiple outlets from a single inletSome will also support of several PWM fans through a single PWM connection, and the most advanced versions will support multiple fans, PWM control and digital RGB components as wellIf you have more fans than you can power directly, TITAN RIG has you covered with fan hubs with up to sixteen outlets from many major brands 

Fan Hubs

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