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PC Modding

PC Modding is the act of modifying your PC in some way - typically for improvements in performance, aesthetics or both. Adding a side-panel window, replacing the power switch with something different, removing drive bays to make room for a water-cooling loop - all of these are PC modding and they don't scratch the surface of what can be done. 

In Titan Rig's PC Modding Series, we give you the info you need to change your PC from the PC you have to the PC you want. Safety, tools, materials, and processes are covered in depth.

The information in the Modding Series comes from experience. The author is an award-winning modder who has had his work on the cover of CPU magazine and on display in manufacturers' suites at CES in Las Vegas. He's been modding for nearly twenty years and has the scars to remind him of some the things not to do.  

Stay tuned to the Modding Series to find out what you need to know to customize your PC into that one-of-a-kind example of art, performance or both.

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