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Offering better air flow than 120mm case fans with only a slightly larger footprint, 140mm case fans are becoming more and more popular. They allow the custom PC builder to move the same amount of air as a 120mm fan while turning at a lower speed, generally making less noise. They will also move more air at the same speed, thus cooling more effectively while making the same amount of noise. While the 140mm fan is generally more costly than a smaller fan, the benefits are often worth the price difference if space allows for their installation. Just as the 80mm fan was overtaken by the 120mm fan as the standard size years ago, the industry is seeing the 140mm PC case fan becoming the new gold standard. Most PC case fan manufacturers today make each of their product offerings in both sizes, and PC radiator manufacturers are following suit. TITAN RIG offers 140mm PC case fans with LED, PWM and high static pressure options for a wide range of uses in your custom PC.   

140mm Case Fans

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