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Other Fan Type Radiators, PC Water Cooling

PC water cooling finds itself in unusual installations sometimes, and has adapted to suit. Radiators come in many more sizes and shapes than the standard 120mm and 140mm types. No matter what your need, there is a radiator to fill it. From radiators capable of utilizing four 200mm fans down to a tiny radiator with a mount for a single 50mm fan, there are all sort of sizes in between. For the odd PC case build where only a single thin strip of space remains for the radiator, TITAN RIG offers a full cooper radiator that can make use of six 40mm fans. For the odd flow situation in a compact build, where intake and return simply can’t be located together, crossflow radiators are offered in both 40mm and 80mm versions, with multiple mounting options for each. Regardless of the clearance or spacing issues you find yourself with in your PC’s water cooling situation, TITAN RIG will have a radiator to fit your needs.

Other Fan Types

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