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Featured Liquid Cooled PCs

We appreciate the water-cooling community, we love to see what they do, and we love sharing some of the best of it with our readers.

Water cooling components are all useful. Stats are all interesting. The people who use what we have are all amazing. When you put them all together you get our Featured Liquid Cooled PCs series, one of our favorite parts of Titan Rig.

Periodically, we'll choose a water-cooled PC that we feel stands out from the rest in some way and publish a spotlight article on it. Featured Liquid Cooled PC articles include images of the build and hardware lists of course, but we also do an interview with the builder with questions and answers on the making of the PC and a little history on the builder themselves. The PCs are amazing, but they wouldn't be there without the people that make them.  


  1. Featured Rig #8

    titan rig featured water cooled pc #8
    Featured Rig #8 from veteran PC modder snef
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  2. Featured Rig #7 - "Aggron" by Daniel De Oliveira of @sffbuild

    Featured Rig #7 - "Aggron" by Daniel De Oliveira of @sffbuild


    It’s time for the next Featured Rig from Titan Rig! We are please to showcase Featured Rig #7 by Daniel De Oliveira of @sffbuild on Instagram! Small form factor PC builds have been a popular trend these last few years, but Daniel's creation takes "SFF" to a whole new level. With a full size ATX motherboard, a 3 slot RTX 3080, and a massive 560 radiator, this is as extreme as "small" form factor gets!


    Builder: Daniel De Oliveira


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  3. Featured Rig #6 - "Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries"

    featured custom gaming pc #6

    We get a peek at veteran modder Brian Carter's latest build themed on the game Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries!

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  4. Featured Rig #5 - "Wood Ridge" by Jeroen ter Horst

    featured water cooled pc #5

    We take a look at a custom liquid-cooled PC built inside an AMD CPU review sample crate. Wood, steel and custom water cooling - what's not to like?

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  5. Featured Rig #4 - "Ex-Box One S PC" by Aaron Howe

    Featured Rig water cooled pc #4
    An up-close look at a custom-build water-cooled PC made from an Xbox One S console. This compact beauty is a tiny jewel!
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  6. Featured Rig #3 - "Cherry Blossoms & Northern Lights" by Lawrence Xia

    TITAN RIG featured liquid cooled pc
    We take a closer look at a custom water cooled PC from Lawrence Xia. Water cooling, custom cable sleeving, RGB lighting, custom paint - this build has it all!
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  7. Featured Rig #2 - "Evolution" by Herman Quinones

    featured liquid cooled pc
    An in-depth look at "Evolution", a massive water cooled custom PC from Herman Quinones.
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  8. Featured Rig #1 - "Luxe" by Mikey Johnstone

    "Luxe" by Mikey Johnstone - Featured liquid cooled rig

    We take a look at Luxe, an excellent custom water-cooled PC from Mikey Johnstone.

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