EKWB Vector GPU Water Block Series






EKWB Quantum Vector GPU Water Blocks

Quantum, the next evolution of EKWB design language and performance has arrived. EKWB has upped the ante with their new Quantum line up, creating not only a cohesive look and feel, but also balanced performance across all items in a custom liquid cooled loop.

“Vector” is the GPU water block product family within the Quantum lineup. Vector water blocks are available for reference and non-reference Nvidia and AMD video cards, so you can be sure to find the right block for your video card. If in doubt, EK offers an extensive list of pre-approved cards that work each corresponding water block.

Vector replaces that bulky air-cooler, and creates the sought-after slim slot look with a minimalistic aesthetic that covers the entire length of the PCB. EK offers Vector in a wide range of options to choose from in nearly any combination.

  • Top Options: Acetal (POM) or Plexi (Acrylic)

  • Cold Plate Options: Copper or Nickel Plated Copper

  • Lighting: None, RGB or Digital RGB (Addressable) on select Vector water blocks.

Here are a few examples:

EKWB Vector GPU Water Block with Plexi (Acrylic) Top and Nickel Plated Copper Cold Plate


EKWB Vector GPU Water Block with Plexi (Acrylic) Top and Copper Cold Plate


EKWB Vector GPU Water Block with Acetal (POM) Top and Nickel Plated Copper Cold Plate


Further adding to Vector’s visual appeal, each water block has a beautifully designed terminal cover and end piece that highlights your specific GPU. Not only does this look great, but it also houses the RGB lighting strip turning your video card into a truly impressive piece of hardware that is sure to impress.


While aesthetics are important, what truly defines a great water cooling product is the performance! Vector series cards are no slouch in this area as of course you would expect from a brand with such pedigree as EKWB. The cold plate is CNC machined from pure copper, or nickel plated copper, and cools all critical areas of your video card; GPU, VRAM and the VRM (voltage regulation module). Not only indirectly, but coolant flows directly over these critical areas ensuring stable overclocks when PC modders and PC water cooling enthusiasts push their GPUs to the limit. Moreover, this newly designed cooling engine has larger footprint over its predecessor. The result, more surface area for absorbing heat and cooling your card better than ever before. The top is CNC machined from either high quality plexi (acrylic) or acetal (POM) and sealed with EPDM o-rings.


EK’s new cooling engine also makes use of a their “Open Split Flow” design. This design reduces flow restriction while stiff offering top notch performance. Reduced flow restriction means you can run pumps at slower speeds or even get away with using less powerful pumps in water cooled loops with limited space. To really top it off, it also means that running a reverse flow loops won’t ruin the cooling performance. This is a huge benefit when creating tubing runs that we want to look good, but don’t always play nice with keeping performance in mind. Now it’s no longer an issue.


For those looking to add even more visual appeal, EKWB offers these beautifully machined retention backplates in black anodized aluminum or nickel plated aluminum. As an added bonus, these backplates also offer passive cooling for the GPU core and circuit board VRM section.


Lastly, for those looking to add multiple GPU connectivity, EKWB offer a wide selection of Scalar Terminals specific to Vector GPU water blocks. They are CNC machine from either acetal (POM) or plexi (acrylic). They are also available in a variety of sizes and styles for various configurations.