Bitpower touchaqau sedna water cooling kits

If you’re into the custom PC water cooling scene today, you’ve seen distribution plates in builds that people are showing off. They’re very popular and for good reason.  

Distribution plates are compact, they offer perfect coolant routing without having to bend or measure tubing and they’re made for a specific PC case, make it easy to get a perfect fit. 

Bitspower International has seen the demand and jumped into the market in a big way with their new Touchaqua Sedna line of distribution plate/pump combos. 

With nine specific popular PC cases covered in their initial offering and more in the works, the Sedna distribution plate can be purchased in two different ways: either as a simple distribution plate / pump combination or as a complete water cooling kit including everything needed to run a custom water loop

Right now only seven of the nine initial cases have complete kits available, though Bitspower will most likely expand their offering as they extend the lineup. 

The cases that Bitspower currently supports include:


bitspower touchaqua sedna distribution plate kit comparison



What You Get 

If you opt not to get the complete kit, you’ll get a beautifully-crafted clear acrylic distribution plate constructed specifically to fit the case supported and one pre-mounted S1 or SC1 pump (depending on the particular set), two stop fittings, one drain valve and one manual air exhaust fitting. Note that the distribution plates are also compatible with Bitspower’s DDC 3.2 pump. 

The full kit contains much more. The distribution plate and pump are of course present, as well as digital RGB water blocks for both CPU and GPU, radiators, digital RGB fans with fan hub, 14mm acrylic hardline tubing and all the fittings necessary to connect it all together in the case it was designed for. 

Not every kit contains the same gear. The parts included in any given kit are specially selected for the case it was designed to fit.  

For example, the kit for the Cooler Master Cosmos C700M includes 360mm radiators and an inline digital temperature sensor, while the kit for Corsair’s Crystal Series 570X case includes 240mm radiators and no temperature sensor. 


Contents of a Bitspower Touchaqua Sedna Water Cooling Kit

Bitspower’s Touchaqua Seda full water cooling kit for the Antec Torque. Each piece comes preselected to fit the case perfectly. 




Aside from cost, the deciding factor on whether to buy the distribution plate by itself or the complete is how “custom” you want your PC’s water cooling system to be.  

The kits offered are fully inclusive right down to the different fittings needed to install the loop in the specific case. One huge advantage here is compatibility and simplicity.  

There’s no need to hunt for hours for specific fittings or measure the case for component installation and loop order. All that is planned out ahead of time and all the needed parts are supplied, right down to the tubing. I should note here that the tubing that comes with the kit is not pre-bent, so installing the kit isn’t quite as easy as putting together a Lego kit. Measuring, cutting and bending the included acrylic tube is still necessary and no cutting or bending tools are included with the kits. 

If bending tubing isn’t your cup of tea, another option is to use 90-degree adapters for each bend. These will make the build go a lot faster and guarantee 90-degree precision.  

In buying a Sedna kit from Bitspower, owners of a specific case can be certain that their new water loop will fit perfectly in place and all its parts will work perfectly together. Top that off with an average savings of $110 to $135 versus buying all the parts of the kit separately and the appeal is obvious. 


Corsair Crystal Series 570X with Bitspower Touchaqua Sedna water cooling kit.

Corsair’s Crystal Series 570X looks amazing with Bitspower’s Touchaqua Sedna kit installed


The downside to the kit is its lack of flexibility.  

Each kit is designed to build a very specific water cooling loop in a specific case. The limitations of the kit even extend to CPU and GPU brand, with the included water blocks currently being only for Intel CPUs and reference versions of Nvidia’s RTX 2000 line of graphics cards.  

Obviously different blocks can be used but this will not only add cost but all but eliminate the certainty of compatibility with the other contents of the kit.  

Add the fact that the included fittings are currently only available in Glorious Silver and anyone wanting something other than the loop dictated by the kit’s contents would likely be better off purchasing the distribution plate by itself. 


One of several distribution plates available in the Bitspower Touchaqua Sedna line.

Each of the distribution plates included with the Touchaqua Sedna kits is available as a standalone part alsoThis is likely a better option for anyone wanting to build a truly custom water cooling system. 



While Bitspower’s Sedna water cooling kits will absolutely get you into the world of custom PC water cooling in first-class style, the nature of these kits begs a single question. 

Is a system built with one of these kits truly “custom”?   

The application is absolutely specific, down to the type of graphics card that has to be used, the placement of every component and even the color of the fittings. In short, every system built with these kits will look very much like every other system built with these kits. 

With this in mind, how can you make your system stand out when building with one of the Sedna kits?   

Since all the parts included are from Bitspower’s standard product lineup, anything can be added or changed.  

If you want your tubing routed a different way, extra tubing and fittings can be purchased and added to achieve that. If you have a GPU outside the RTX 2000 Nvidia lineup you can purchase a different water block for it. If the colors of the fittings provided don’t match the scheme you’re going for, you have the option of replacing the fittings that came with the kit with any color you like, at extra cost. 

This is all possible, but at some point customizing the look of the system built with the Sedna kit will exceed the price of simply buying all the parts separately. At that point the value provided by the kit becomes questionable.  

Remember though, the things that make the Sedna kits appealing are compatibility, simplicity and value over purchasing all the included parts separately. Once a few fittings are added to the cost that third advantage is lost, and at that point the second is as well. 

Anyone considering making a truly custom water cooling system with one of the Sedna kits as its starting point should go over the pros and cons carefully. 



The new Touchaqua Sedna water cooling kits from Bitspower are an impressive addition to an already incredible product lineup.  

They offer the buyer the simplicity of a full set of pre-selected components that are guaranteed to work together and a proven assembly process developed specifically for the case being used. In short, it’s a beautiful bolt-together set of premium water cooling parts that will give you a fully functional top-of-the-line water cooling system. 

That simplicity comes at the cost of rigidity. 

Each Sedna kit is very specifically designed to work well but work in one way and one way only. Those who are looking for something unique, something truly custom, should carefully weigh the pros and cons of the Sedna kits. Very little customization is needed to negate the value of the kits. 

To be fair though, the custom builder is not who Bitspower had in mind with the Sedna lineup. That’s who the rest of their catalog is for. 


A custom water loop made with the Bitspower Touchaqua Sedna water cooling kit 

A custom PC water cooling loop including a Sedna Distribution plate.