We’re happy to announce a new product line from the water cooling masters at XSPC: PURE PC coolant!

XSPC has been making parts for PC water cooling for over sixteen years. Their name is well known and respected in the community and for good reason. From reservoirs to radiators to water blocks and fittings, XSPC has always provided the water cooling community with excellent-quality parts at a competitive price point.

XSPC’s current line of coolant, labeled EC6, is used in systems around the world, including my own. Its simplicity, complete formulation and affordability make it an easy choice.

XSPC PURE clear PC coolant

Continuing To Innovate

Their new PURE coolant line is the evolution of EC6 and represents a step forward in XSPC's line of coolants.

Coolant is the lifeblood of your water cooling system. It picks up the heat from your parts inside your water blocks and carries it to your radiators to be sent out into the surrounding air.

Needless to say the quality of your coolant will affect the efficiency and performance of your PC’s cooling loop.

A good coolant will flow freely and transfer heat efficiently.

A great coolant will also protect your parts from corrosion, remain in its initial state while it does its job, and look good doing it.

XSPC’s new PURE coolant is a great coolant. 


- Premixed – PURE coolant is ready to use right out of the bottle, no measuring or mixing needed.

- Contains an excellent corrosion inhibitor package effective on copper, nickel, brass, steel and aluminum*. Tested to BS5117 and 6580:2010 standards.

- Made with slow release, long life loop stabilizers.

- Pure in every sense – based on an 8-stage triple-distilled water base, PURE has no particulates to fall out of suspension and clog pumps or water blocks.

- Safe for all types of tubing: PVC, EPDM, PETG, acrylic and metal have all been tested.

- Low electrical conductivity (<2µS/cm at 30C).

- Three-year shelf life (unopened with seal intact, out of direct sunlight)

- Completely non-toxic – can be disposed of through general household gray water waste.

- Glycol-free and RoHS compliant.

   *Systems containing copper, nickel, brass, steel or solder can be mixed in the same loop – PURE coolant offers full protection.

     Systems containing aluminum must contain ONLY aluminum. PURE coolant offers full protection for aluminum-only water cooling systems.

Vivid Colors

I had a chance to work hands-on with PURE coolant before writing this piece. The first thing that struck me were the colors. I’ve never seen colors this *vivid* that weren’t fluorescing under a UV light. The intensity of these colors can’t be overstated.

I was initially skeptical when I saw the images XSPC sent us. They look like the color has been enhanced in software.

I was wrong. These colors are every bit as bright and vivid as the images show. Truly impressive, especially for a transparent coolant with no solids to fall out of suspension.

The entire line of PURE coolants is also UV reactive. If you like UV lighting in your case, PURE has even more colors to offer.

Note – PURE Clear comes in both UV-reactive and non-reactive versions.

PURE coolants are also fully compatible with XSPC’s EC6 ReColour dyes, allowing you to mix your own colors from the vibrant bases provided by PURE.


Custom Colors

I was able to mix a few custom colors myself while I was working with PURE.

I’m including the colors I made here along with the recipe to mix them yourself if you like any of them.

All of these formulas were made first with a smaller 100ml sample of base color and then scaled up to 400ml to fill the reservoir in the images. I noticed no difference at all between the batches, so the colors should scale evenly as you increase the volume to whatever you need.


Having said that, remember that it’s easy to add more dye – you can’t take it out. If you decide to make any of these colors or mix your own, add your dyes slowly and check the color as you go. ReColour dyes are STRONG.

I had initially planned to write these recipes with everything measured in milliliters, but the bottles that ReColour dye comes in are perfectly designed to allow one drop at a time with controllable repetition, so I used drops as the unit of measurement for dye.


Tranquility Blue


This is an absolutely beautiful shade, nearly a cobalt blue but with a tint of purple.


  100ml PURE UV Blue

  100ml PURE UV Purple

  10 drops UV Navy ReColour dye

  10 drops UV Purple ReColour dye



Crimson Rose


I wanted to make a pale red for this color. Like most dyed coolants, it looks darker in a reservoir than it does in tubing because there’s so much more of it. The effect in tubing is the pale red I was after, but the reservoir effect is a much darker crimson color.


  100ml PURE Clear

  5 drops Blood Red ReColour dye

  2 drops UV Black ReColour dye

  1 drop UV Navy ReColour dye



Aquatic Green


This one resembles a vibrant dark teal color.


  100ml PURE UV Blue

  5 drops UV Aqua ReColour dye

  2 drops UV Blue ReColour dye






After I got the mix right for Crimson Rose, I wanted to make something darker. The result is Bloodline. The images show just how dark this color is inside a reservoir – I had to put a LOT of light through it to show the color. Inside a PC it will most likely just look black, but inside the tubes it really shows up as an elegant scarlet. 


  100ml PURE UV Red

  4 drops UV Black ReColour dye



Atomic Sunrise


This is my favorite out of the colors I made. It’s difficult to describe honestly. It’s a bright peachy-orange, and with this batch I discovered something interesting about PURE coolants and ReColour dye: color shifting.

The coolant shows orange primarily, as it should, but along the edges of the top layer it turns yellow. It’s a very difficult effect to photograph, but I managed to capture it in this image:


This is a very cool effect, but not the only one. For some reason, this mix is a different color when light shines through it than it is when light shines on it. The image below shows the effect at about halfway across the container.

Not only is it a different color with light is shining on it, it’s completely opaque.


  100ml PURE Clear

  5 drops UV Orange ReColour dye

  2 drops Blood Red ReColour dye

  2 drops UV Yellow ReColour dye

  1 drop UV Aqua ReColour dye



Toxic Soup


I really liked the color-shifting that I found in Atomic Sunrise, so I decided to see if I could make the effect more pronounced. The result is Toxic Soup.

This color is more red than orange, and the color changing is much more evident. It changes from a pretty transparent pinkish-orange to a sickly opaque pea-soup green. It really does look like something you'd see flowing through tubes in a factory in an cyberpunk movie.

All I did in the images below is move the light source from behind the container to the front.


  100ml PURE UV Purple

  3 drops UV Aqua ReColour dye

  3 drops UV Yellow ReColour dye

  2 drops UV Purple ReColour dye

  1 drop UV Orange ReColour dye

  1 drop UV Pink ReColour dye


We'd love to hear some ideas on colors that you'd like to see in coolants, and to see the results of your own experimentation with XSPC's PURE!


PURE coolant really is a welcome addition to the offerings available to water coolers. It’s simple, complete, non-toxic, safe for anything you want to use it in, affordable, and comes in colors that nothing else can match.

Pick some up today exclusively from Titan Rig!