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MDPC-X Classic Small Cable Sleeving, Liquid-Orange, 25-foot

Product Highlights
  • MDPC-X classic small PeT sleeve for custom PC power supply cables.
  • Sold in a continuous length to the best of our ability up to 150 feet. Sections of 150 feet will never be cut in more than 2 sections.
  • Great for heatshrinkless and heatshrink style sleeving
  • Resistant to almost all substances (e.g. salt-water, sweat) and chemicals (e.g. oil, gasoline/petrol, cleaning agents).
  • Sold in one continuous length of 25 feet
In stock

Sold in 25 foot sections.

MDPC-X classic small PET sleeve for custom PC power supply cables. Minimum order quantity: 25ft

Limited edition: Liquid-Orange cable sleeving is a hybrid composite of Papaya-Orange and Transparency.

Manufactured in Bavaria, Germany by MDPC since 2007
Zero color degradation from intense UV applications
Made from high quality PET-X fibers
Great for heatshrinkless and heatshrink style sleeving
Optimal expandability for rigidity, and ease of use over connectors
No compromise - What MDPC stands for since 2007

MDPC-X Sleeving is designed to turn a simple cable into a piece of art, which lets you see cables in a completely different way. MDPC-X Sleeve adds a perfect rigidity to the wire, it removes all the wobbles in the wire and enables you to shape the cable as you want, with perfectly smooth curves or absolute straight lines.

Expandability - You can do what others can't

This cable sleeve can be expanded and contracted from bigger diameters to smaller and vice versa, allowing you to put the sleeve over connectors (or similar), which are a good bit bigger than the wire itself.

Colors - Guaranteed unique range and quality

MDPC-X colors are lead-free! No intoxication via your skin. There is also no degradation of color if exposed to UV at outdoor applications, because the material is not dyed afterwards. The base material is made of the color. MDPC-X colors of the same name will not vary within a batch or if a new batch of this color is manufactured. MDPC-X colors are not shared with anyone else in the industry.

SMALL Sleeve covers a diameter range from ~1.7mm to ~7.8mm, on short distances you can get it over objects of ~8.0mm in diameter
SATA Sleeve covers a diameter range from ~5.0mm to ~14.5mm, on short distances you can get it over objects of ~15.0mm in diameter.



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