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EKWB (also known as EK Water Blocks) is a premium pc water cooling manufacturer and bears the name of its founder Edvard König. It all started with the enthusiasm of one man and his ventures with pc water cooling back in 1999. From its humble beginnings more than twenty years ago, the company steadily grew to become the most renowned supplier of high-end premium quality pc water cooling products. Over the years, EKWB expanded its product portfolio to become a full pc cooling solution provider of water blocksfittings, radiators, case fans, coolant, reservoirs, pumps, tubing, pump reservoir combos and more!  

Today, the products of EKWB are available in more than 30 countries worldwide and the company holds several partnerships with some of the most recognized brands.

With more than a decade of experience in the development and manufacturing of high-end liquid cooling solutions, EKWB is now offering a full range of products for end users and enterprise applications as well. Products like the Quantum line of CPU water blocks, Full Cover GPU water blocks, CoolStream radiators, and in-house developed high-static pressure Vardar case fans have countless awards and recommendations from leading hardware portals, magazines, and influencers. EKWB has also managed to set-up several market trends by introducing product lines like the affordable EKWB Fluid Gaming aluminum based liquid cooling and Phoenix, the Modular Liquid Cooling (MLC) AIO cooling solution.

With continuous research and design, EKWB constantly strives to bring the best possible liquid cooling experience to its customers all around the world.

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