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Alphacool Eisdecke Dual DC-LT Pump Top, Plexi

Product Highlights
  • Clear plexi pump top for 2 x Alphacool DC-LT 2600 pumps
  • Can mount 2 x pumps vertically, horizontally, at a 45° or 90° angles
  • 3x ¼" Inlet ports and 3x ¼" outlet ports
  • Included with RBG lighting strip
  • Dimensions: 129 x 26 x 40 mm. Height with feet: 78 mm
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Quiet, strong and spectacular! The Alphacool Eisdecke Plexi is the perfect pump top to take your Alphacool DC-LT 2600 pumps a show piece with this attachment! Thanks to the multiple 1/4" threads the Alphacool Eisdecke is the universal companion for every pump. With the Dual attachment you can connect two pumps in series and maximize the performance of your water cooling.

Alphacool gives you the flexibility you need. It doesn’t matter how you want to place your pump in your system, the Alphacool Eisdecke can accommodate it. You want to mount your pump vertically, horizontally, at a 45° or 90° angle – no problem. The included feet give you the greatest possible variety of mounting options for your case.

The clear acrylic with pre-assembled RGB strip makes the Alphacool Plexi Eisdecke shine like a diamond. The 4-pin male RGB connector makes your top compatible with all common controllers. The new, patented screw plugs with their ultra-flat design nestle perfectly to the Eisdecke making a clean, sleek look.

The Alphacool Eisdecke can be equipped with vibration dampers that make your pump quieter than ever before. Remove distracting noises and ensure you gain the performance you need, the Eisdecke should be seen, not heard.

Technical details:

Dimensions: 129 x 26 x 40 mm
Height with feet: 78 mm
Material: Acrylic, Aluminium feet
Connections: 3x ¼" Inlet ports and 3x ¼" outlet ports
Compatibility: Alphacool DC-LT 2600

Included with:

4x G ¼" Stop Fittings
2x Feet
8x M4 x6 Screws
4x M4 Nuts
4x M4 Dampening Screws
4x M3 x8 Screws

More Information
Titan Rig SKU03-50-AC-0119-01-ON
Number of Pumps Supported2
Number of G 1/4" Ports6
Pump TypeOther
Pump Top Materialx
Tube Reservoir MountNo