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Alphacool Eheim 1046 12V Full Ceramic Bearing Pump

Product Highlights
  • Eheim 1046 Pump with integrated Alphacool power converter card
  • Max Discharge: 4m
  • Max Flow: 300 L/h
  • Power connection Input: 4Pin Molex
  • Dimensions: 145 x 75 x 103 mm
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This high performance ceramic rotary pump is designed for uncompromising 24/7 operation. A variable base plate of the unit provides many mounting options for maximum flexibility. The Eheim 1046 pump is the ideal “motor” for your water cooling system: It is compact, has proven itself over many years, runs smoothly and quietly and is extremely reliable. With some modifications it is possible to gain even more performance and add more feature to this pump. Alphacool has created a converter card to implement many useful features, which will be explained in detail in the following: Alphacool’s proven DC/AC converter card is now updated and combined with the Eheim 1046 pump! The latest generation of the power converter card, Alphacools converter card V.2 – 12V DC to 12V AC – Double power (redundant), converts the 12V direct current from the system power supply into 12V alternating current for different pumps. Some examples of 12V AC pumps are e.g. the Eheim 1046, 600 or 1000 models.

As a rough guideline: 2 pumps per channel possible: Eheim 1046 or 600; 1 pump per channel only: Eheim 1000. The special feature of this card are the different operating modes which can be activated by placing jumpers on the card:

Redundant - For this mode of operation two pumps are required. Normally only pump 1 will be used, but if it fails pump 2 will be activated.

Parallel - In this mode both channels are activated simultaneously.

Venting - Pump is run in venting mode for de-aeration oft he cooling loop. The pump will be switched On and Off repeatedly.
Development - This is a 3-Pin extension connector. An interface to the Aquastream pump is planned here.

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