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MDPC-X Cable-Clip, Jumbo, Black, 5-pack

Product Highlights
  • MDPC-X Cable Clips are made of high quality material and are perfect for your cable routing needs.
  • The Jumbo Cable Clip can manage a cable bundle up to 13.5 mm in diameter
  • Requires 15 mm space between motherboard tray and sidepanel.
  • MDPC-X Cable Clips have no visible writing, cut-off-areas (bumps or scratches)
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Cable-Management-Clip JUMBO

These are - without doubt - the ultimate cable-management-clips: Stunning quality and beauty.

You need to have 15 mm space between motherboard tray and sidepanel. It takes 12 sleeved cables. So with these cables-management-clips you can beautifully manage your whole 24-pin cable-artwork, because you can split them into 12 cables and 11 cables (yes - a 24 pin cable actually only has 23 cables) by using only two clips. This is THE solution which fits behind the tray of most high-end cases.

You typically mount them with screws (M3 or UNC) to empty motherboard-threads or even put them on top of the motherboard by using the screws, which already fix the board to the tray. Of course you can also make your own threads.

As usual for MDPC-selections, these cable-management-clips are without compromise: No cheap cost-saving quality. In the visible area, you won't find any writing, cut-off-areas (bumps or scratches) or similar optical compromises. You will not accidentally break these cable-management-clips. The screw hole is smaller than usual and of course without countersunk-hole (even that you could use countersunk screws if you like).

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