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MDPC-X Cable-Sleeves Special Samples

Product Highlights
  • Sample pack of special colors of MDPC-X cable sleeve
  • Includes 1 piece of White-Gold, Carbon-Gold, Gold, Transparency , Natural-White, XXX-White, Copper-Brown, and Vanilla-Sands
  • Each piece is at least 45cm
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Each cable sleeve in this special sample pack has a length of at least 45 centimeters (~1.6 foot).

This sample pack includes a random mixture of SMALL or XTC cable sleeves plus one sample of MEDIUM sleeve.

Included in this SPECIAL cable sleeving sample pack:

White-Gold (*new color* included in your orders since 26th January 2019) = 1 piece
Carbon-Gold (*new color* included in your orders since 30th November 2018) = 1 piece
Gold (*new color* included in your orders since 12th October 2018) = 1 piece
Transparency = 1 piece
Natural-White = 1 piece
XXX-White (UV reactive!) = 1 piece
Copper-Brown = 1 piece
Vanilla-Sands = 1 piece

Advice on color identification: Natural-White and XXX-White can appear very similar under room light conditions. At natural daylight color is typically judged best: XXX-White is more intense than Natural-White. A 100% identification can be achieved under UV-blacklight: XXX-White is UV-reactive, Natural-White is not. The difference between Vanilla-Sands and Gold: Vanilla is a pure light beige, while Gold is darker has more yellow and the other typical gold color features.

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