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Barrow Hard Tube Bending Tool (Aluminium Version), Black

Product Highlights
  • Tool for bending rigid tubing
  • Provides multi-directional postioning
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Barrow aluminum alloy version of universal hard pipe auxiliary pipe bender.

The whole Aluminum Alloy 12.3MM thickness by CNC precision machining, all the details are perfect, flexible application of 3 groups of the positioning rod has auxiliary positioning function, multi direction of water tube bending bending angle by the tool, the product data only lists some simple application programs, the game player's creative thinking you can use this tool to achieve satisfactory results.

Note: locating rod is POM material. The need for a separate heating plastic pipe to pipe in pipe auxiliary after softening on bending, not hot air gun directly at the pipe heating operation, avoid direct touch the heating area to avoid scalding, please make the necessary protective measures in use.

Material: aluminum alloy

Available colors: Classic Black / blood red / Sapphire Blue / lake blue / emerald green

Full range of products include: aluminum alloy main *1 positioning rod *3 fastening screw kit *1

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