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PC GPU air coolers replace the stock air cooler that is supplied with the graphics card and are designed to perform more effectively and quietly. 

GPU air coolers themselves serve only to cool the GPU die itself, the primary heat source on a GPU. The memory chips and VRMs on a modern video card produce heat also though, and must be cooled through the use of small heat sinks. Most GPU air coolers will include these to attach to these areas during installation, but not all. Be sure to check the contents of a GPU cooler before purchase to see if additional heat sinks not included are needed. 

GPU air coolers are also designed to fit specific video cards. Be sure that and GPU air cooler you’re looking at is compatible with your video card before purchase. 

Because removal of the factory air cooler is necessary, be sure to read the installation procedure on any GPU air cooler before starting.  

TITAN RIG has quiet effective GPU air coolers for most modern video cards. 

GPU Air Coolers

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