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Alphacool Eisfrost Xtreme Fluid Metal Paste, 1g

Product Highlights
  • Ensures a clean contact between the CPU or GPU and the cooler
  • High-performance liquid metal thermal paste
  • Liquid metal may only be used on the following metals: Copper, gold, silver, lead and zinc
  • Liquid metal contains neither mercury nor toxic heavy metals such as lead
  • Melting temperature: - 19.3 ?C
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The Alphacool Eisfrost Xtreme is a high-performance liquid metal thermal paste. Conventional thermal pastes usually use silicone as a base and are often mixed with silver or similar metals to increase the cooling capacity. Nevertheless, the cooling capacity of a liquid metal thermal paste is many times higher. This is because the thermal conductivity of conventional thermal pastes is many times lower than that of Alphacool Eisfrost Xtreme liquid metal thermal paste. Thus, the heat is transferred much faster and more effectively from the processor or graphics card to the cooler.

This is especially noticeable during overclocking. The higher the heat dissipation, the more the performance of the liquid metal becomes noticeable. In connection with a good air cooler, or even better a liquid cooler, you can achieve results that are several degrees Celsius better than with a conventional thermal paste. This converts into the chance to achieve a higher overclock and enabling you to squeeze out those extra Mhz from your CPU or the GPU. Alternatively, you can of course cool more quietly if you can achieve lower temperatures. Thus, the Eisfrost Xtreme is not only something for overclockers, but also for silent build lovers.

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