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Solarity Technology ArrRGB Digital RGB to Analog RGB Converter Rev. 4.1

Product Highlights
  • Digital RGB to analog RGB Converter
  • Allows a digital signal from a motherboard header/RGB controller to control analog RGB devices
  • Number of channels: 4
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Solarity Technology presents the "ArrRGB DAC"! The ArrRGB DAC Rev. 4.1 is a 4 channel RGB device that allows you to use a Digital/Addressable signal from a motherboard header or RGB controller and control Analog RGB devices on 4 different channels via the digital signal. This device requires an addressable signal to work; it will not function without a controller/MB header. You can daisy-chain additional RGB DACs or other RGB devices from the digital output. Unlike the input, both “Corsair Out” and “MB Out” can be used at the same time. Just please keep the LED limits in mind. This new model has a 2 pin jumper to change between using 5v or 12v for the analog RGB output.


Power off Computer!
Fasten the ArrRGB DAC to a removable 2.5” or 3.5” hard drive caddy. Please use M3 screws, which is the standard screw size used to attach hard drives.
Connect a Corsair controller or Motherboard header to the input. The board can only take one input. These cables can come with 3rd party devices or can be purchased separately.
Plug in a standard floppy drive power connector. Most PSUs come with one; Molex or SATA adapters can be purchased separately.
Connect up to four analog RGB devices to the 4 headers to allow separate control of the devices that are connected to them. Splitters may be used, though please do not exceed the amount of LEDs mentioned in the warning.
Configure your controller. Note: Each of the analog channels is addressed as a single LED.

Compatible Devices:

Corsair Commander Pro
Motherboard headers that have addressable RGB headers that match the header of the ArrRGB DAC
- ASUS, AS Rock, MSI, and newer Gigabyte motherboards

Corsair Lighting Node Pro
Note: This device requires a Corsair RGB strip in between the DAC and the controller in many cases. This is most likely due to a timing settings in the LNP’s firmware.

Many other Addressable RGB controllers can be used, as long as they have a matching connector and are used for controlling 5v WS2812B Addressable RGB LEDs. As there are so many, we can’t test every device, though most should work.


Please read these warnings so you won’t damage the product or the device(s) you are using:

Only attach devices when the ArrRGB DAC is powered off. This will reduce the chances of reversing the polarity, which may damage your devices.
There are two power modes for this board, please make sure you choose the correct one!
“12v Mode” 12v Analog ArrRGB DAC
Supplies 12v to the Analog devices, standard connector
- Do not exceed 150x 12v LEDS that are powered by each board!

- Do not exceed 50x 5v addressable LEDs that are powered by each board!

“5v Mode” 5v Analog ArrRGB DAC
Supplies 5v to the Analog devices, non-standard RGB connector
- Do not exceed 50x LEDs that are powered by each board!

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BrandSolarity Technology
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