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Phobya Adapter Cable, 4-Pin Molex to 3-Pin (5V/7V/9V), 30cm, Sleeved, Black

Product Highlights
  • Reduces the voltage from the regular 12V to 5V, 7V or 9V
  • Connector type: 4-Pin Molex to3-Pin standard
  • Black sleeve, black connectors, black heatshrink
  • Cable length: 3x 30cm
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An adaptor from a 4-Pin Molex plug to 3x 3-Pin with 5V, 7V and 12V each. The output voltage of 12V usually comes from the PSU and is directed into this adaptor. The 4-Pin Molex plug can simply be connected to the power supply and you can choose which voltage you need - 5V, 7V or 12V! Depending on the temperature or your noise tolerance you can simply set airflow and noise emissions to your preference! All 3 voltage levels can even be used in parallel, all without an additional controller unit! This cable is not only practical, it is also optically appealing, The surrounding mesh, also called sleeve, which is surrounding the cable itself offers the advantages that every Pro-modder is looking for: A completely unique look, even of the cables in the system! Special attention was paid to the combination of cable connectors, sleeve and heatshrink which were used to ensure great design and a unique as well as elegant look. Phobya's goal is to make the work of professional and hobby modders a bit easier with these cables. Sleeving is a lot of work and requires much time. But with these cables by Phobya the whole system can be redesigned any way you like by simply adding these cables.
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