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My name is Nils Papke, founder and CEO of our colorful Cable-Sleeving company, widely known as MDPC-X Cable-Sleeving here in Bavaria, Germany. Let me tell you who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Our family business allowed us to produce MDPC-X cable-sleeving since 2007. Made by our highly skilled German teams, manufactured on the most modern and precise German machines, exclusive use of highest quality German base materials: Our cable-sleeving products are 100% made in Germany - without any compromise in quality-, ethical-, health- and environmental-aspects.

Since more than 25 years, simplified versions of MDPC cable-sleeving and heat shrink production are used in Germany's automotive industry. I have not been involved in this field before 2007.

One day in late 2006, I stumbled over a posting in a Tech-forum, where Charles Harwood's revolutionary murderBox (now XFORMA MBX) computer-system was showcased. His system also demonstrated the application of our familiar sleeving products, which I had never thought of before - and nobody else either: Purely for design purposes, Charles applied the sleeving to every single wire within his system.

His brilliant idea, execution and presentation resulted in a visual appeal that changed my view on cables and sleeving. It became clear to me that cables and tubes can be turned into design-objects, as soon as they are sleeved - no matter which cables or cylindrical objects, no matter where they are found. Instead of hiding the cables or objects, they can be personalized, presented and turned into an absolute visual highlight!

Our cable-sleeving company started to manufacture the regular industrial sleeving in an adjusted form, raised quality assurance to levels far above the highest standards and created a diversity of unique colors. We decided to open a small and highly specialized branch with the name MDPC-X and the rest ... is public history.

We are proud to bring you a 100% unique product on this planet, which has earned a legendary reputation since 2007.



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