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MDPC-X Small 6.5/1.5 Heat Shrink, 1-Foot, Clear

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Product Highlights
  • MDPC-X Small 4.35:1 Heat Shrink for cable management or cable sleeving projects.
  • The shrink ratio of the small heatshrink is 4.35 to 1.
  • Sold in 30cm foot pre-cut sections
  • The heat shrinks will start to shrink at ~95?C and can be constantly exposed to 160?C.
  • The inner diameter is 7.5mm before shrinking and after maximum shrinking, the inner diameter is 1.75mm (1/16").
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30 cm (1 ft) of Clear / Transparent heatshrink tubing SMALL with a 4.35:1 shrink ratio (before shrinking 6.5 mm / 1.5 mm after shrinking).

This is - very likely - the best heatshrink in existence for the purpose of making custom cables with cable sleeving.

This extremely transparent heatshrink is ideal for controlled "melting of cable sleeving underneath heatshrink" techniques and covers the typical application range for MDPC-X SMALL and XTC cable sleeving. The heatshrink surface has lots of grip on an object. You can easily put it over the sleeving without any fiddling and then shrink it down to the typical wire sizes used for cable-sleeving.

Featuring extreme overexpansion capabilities, this heatshrink allows for even bigger initial object diameters. With a long nosed plier inserted into the heatshrink to widen the inner diameter, you can easily and safely reach an ID of 9.0 mm - resulting in a shrink ratio of almost 6:1! Enjoy a class of its own when it comes to heatshrink.

The sum of its properties makes the whole sleeving process as easy as never before:

  • 4.35:1 shrink ratio. Over-expanded you can reach a 6:1 shrink ratio.
  • See the cable sleeve through the heat-shrink for a 100% precise positioning of the sleeving.
  • See the melting process of the cable sleeving through the heat-shrink while doing the “shrinkless method”.
  • Extremely soft material for the most extreme grip on wires and cable sleeve without the use of glue.
  • Ultra-thin material (0.2 mm at initial diameter) combined with extreme transparency, almost invisible on top of cable sleeving.
  • Dielectric strength of 22 kV/mm. Shrink temperature (Min) of only 90°C. Constant operating range at temperatures from -60°C to +140°C. Extremely good short term resistance to fire, especially important for the “shrinkless” melting technique.
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