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Based in Darlington England, Mayhems Solutions has been providing liquid cooling solutions since 2014.  Best known for their PC coolants, Mayhems specializes in quality vibrant PC coolants and other water cooling accessories liquid cooled PCs.

Mayhems has provided unique coolants to the industry for many years, with a range of colors and properties among the widest available.  All Mayhems coolants are developed, tested and manufactured locally by Mayhems Solutions. 

The Mayhems name is known well enough for partners such as Swiftech to advertise that their products are used, as in their H20 series of all-in-one coolers that uses Mayhems tubing, comes prefilled with Mayhems coolant and includes Mayhems dyes. 

Mayhems is continually refining its product line, now offering clear tubing in both a flexible soft form and borosilicate glass as well as bending inserts, hardline bending lubricant and their own glass cutting kit developed in house.  

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