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Kingpin Cooling

Originally established in Detroit, Michigan by well known extreme overclocker Vince “K|NGP|N Lucido (who also happens to have 6 generations of NVIDIA Graphics cards with his name on them as well as DARK motherboards specially designed for extreme overclocking). KINGPINcooling has been deeply involved in the overclocking community and specializes in the development and manufacturing of extreme cooling components and hardware accessories for overclocking for both industrial uses and also PC home enthusiasts since 1999. They often work closely with the big hardware manufacturers (INTEL, AMD, NVIDIA, EVGA etc.) to ensure the best performing products and they have a very complete line of coolers specifically designed for Liquid nitrogen and dry ice cooling for CPUS and VGAS such as copper and aluminum cnc machined blocks, temperature metering equipment, custom bench stands, and KPx high performance thermal grease.

Check out what KINGPINcooling has to offer in Titan Rig’s product lineup.

Kingpin Cooling

  1. Kingpin Cooling KPx Thermal Grease 10g
    Kingpin Cooling KPx Thermal Grease 10g