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DEMCiflex Sliger Cerberus Filter Kit for Case with Handle

Product Highlights
  • Dust filter designed for the Sliger Cerberus computer case
  • Filter kit for the Ceberus case fitted with a handle
  • Features magnetic frame design
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This filter kit is designed to fit the Sliger Cerberus Computer case air vents. This kit will fit the case where the carry handle is fitted.

DEMCiflex Computer Air Filters fits by way of a magnetic frame that is part of its structural design. This would adhere directly to the case and in the event that the case is non-ferrous (it has no iron in it's composition so that a magnet is not attracted to it) we supply you with a peel and stick magnetic frame (optional extra) that is fitted onto your PC case, around the air intake area. DEMCiflex Dust Filter will attach to this frame, making it easy to remove and clean when necessary. The mesh used for filtering is a very durable high precision medical grade mesh.

The mesh that acts as filter will separate dust and debris from the cooling air without adversely affecting or restricting the air flow.

DEMCiflex filter thickness(height) is less than 2mm (1.9mm approx) and if combined with the extra magnet for non-ferrous surfaces it is less than 2.5mm(2.4mm approx).

This thickness stays the same regardless of the size of the filter.

Filter material is approx. 0.1mm thick.

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