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Aquacomputer G1/4" Flow Rate Sensor, MPS Flow 100

Product Highlights
  • Flow rate sensor from aquacomputer with no moving parts
  • Measuring range approx. 20 - 100 liters per hour
  • Compatible with Aquaero 5 XT (Item No. 70213 and 70173), Aquaero 5 PRO (Item No. 70174) and Aquaero 5 LT (Item No. 70175)?
  • Monitoring and configuration the software aquasuite is available for download
  • Overall Dimensions: Approx. 55 x 34 x 21mm
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The flow sensors of the mps flow series are based on a pressure difference measurement and require no rotating parts.

Thanks to the excellent sensitivity of the used sensor, only minimal flow resistance is induced. This principle of operation is unique in the PC water cooling sector and allows extremely compact sensors.

Boasting integrated signal analyzation with integrated USB- and aquabus interface, a configurable alarm output as well as an integrated water temperature sensor and external temperature input, this is the ultimate sensor for all applications! For monitoring and configuration the software aquasuite is available for download. A 4-pin aquabus interface allows direct connection to an Aquaero 5 (not included). The alarm output can either be configured as an artificial rpm signal for connection to a fan channel with speed monitoring (e.g. Mainboard fan channels) or as a switching channel for e.g. activating a LED in case of an alarm. For alarm monitoring besides the measured flow rate and water temperature, an external temperature sensor input is available. The external temperature sensor input is compatible with all temperature sensors offered by Aqua Computer.

mps flow 100: Measuring range approx. 20 - 100 liters per hour (Item No. 71214)

Compatibility list aquabus interface:
Aquaero 5 XT (Item No. 70213 and 70173)
quaero 5 PRO (Item No. 70174)
Aquaero 5 LT (Item No. 70175)

Compatibility list external temperature sensor input:
Temperature sensor inline G1/4" (Item No. 71162)
Temperature sensor inner-/outer thread G1/4" (Item No. 71160 and 71170)
Temperature sensor 50cm and 90cm (Item No. 71125 and 71005)

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Thread TypeG1/4"