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Thermal sensor fittings are used to monitor the temperature of the coolant in your custom water loop at one or more specific points. These sensors require contact with your cooling fluid to function accurately. They come in two forms: plugs and inline sensors. Thermal plug fittings are made to be placed in a port that is exposed to water. Typically used in a reservoir or manifold, thermal plugs come in different lengths to ensure contact with the cooling fluid. Inline sensors are made with G1/4 fittings on both ends, that can be used to attach the sensor with standard fittings. Unlike plugs, coolant actively flows through the fitting itself. Able to fit into a cooling loop practically anywhere, inline thermal sensors can come with double-female or male-female thread configuration. TITAN RIG has thermal sensor fittings in both forms in several colors from major brands, with a choice of connector type as well.

Thermal Sensors

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